Unleash Your Creativity: Axis Bank Splash 2023-24

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Welcome back to the vibrant canvas of Axis Bank Splash 2023-24! It’s time to let your imagination run wild and showcase your talents in drawing, craft, and literature. This year promises to be a celebration of creativity, and we invite you to be a part of the magic.

Participate and Express Yourself Unleash Your Creativity: Axis Bank Splash 2023-24

Whether you’re a budding artist, a craft enthusiast, or a wordsmith, there’s a place for you in Axis Bank Splash. Select your medium of expression – drawing, craft, or essay writing – and dive into the themes designed just for you.

For Kids Aged 7 To 10: ‘Helping One Another’ Young minds, embrace the theme of ‘Helping One Another.’ Through your artwork or words, depict the beauty of collaboration and kindness that makes the world a better place.

For Kids Aged 11 To 14: ‘Making The World A Kinder Place’ Adolescents, explore the theme ‘Making The World A Kinder Place.’ Your creativity can be a catalyst for positive change, envisioning a world filled with compassion and understanding.

Exciting Prizes Await!

Seize the opportunity not only to express yourself but to win exciting prizes. Winners and runners-up stand a chance to win cash rewards, exclusive campus tours, virtual workshops from the National Institute of Design, and age-appropriate gratifications from our partners.

Guidelines to Spark Your Brilliance

Follow the simple rules to ensure your submission shines. Whether it’s a drawing, craft, or essay, keep the file sizes in check and choose the right formats. Let your creativity speak, and you might find your entry in the My Submission section after logging in.

Join us in making Axis Bank Splash 2023-24 a celebration of creativity, compassion, and community. Let your skills shine, and may the magic of your creations inspire us all!

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