How A Cafe Solved All My College Problems

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  • College: Satya Sai College
  • Location: Jaipur

A few of my college life’s most memorable moments are the ones I and my friends created at the ‘adda’ — our favorite food joint that we used to visit almost every day…

I am talking about this small hut cafe called Yuvraaj, which is right next to our college. Each time we visited the place, it was loaded with students of our college. Thanks to the diverse paratha and Maggi menu, it was always a task to place the order. Other than these famous regulars, the cafe was mostly stocked with one special dish for the day. It could be pasta, pav bhaji, chole bhatura, cold coffee, kukure chat, or chole kulche. You name it, and Yuvraaj had it! I often visited the place with four of my other friends, and therefore, we had a delicious variety of food on our table, which none of us could resist. The prices too were so pocket friendly that they never failed to make us happy!

And guess what? Whether we were going through a breakup or having trouble writing the assignment, a meal at Yuvraaj used to solve most of our problems. After all, having discussions over paneer paratha is much more fun than cribbing about it in the room