Dear Friend, Thank You For Being My Biggest Support In College

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Let’s start with an embarrassing confession. I got a back paper in my second last semester and hadn’t fared well overall. People say that once you fail, it is complicated to pass in the supplementary, and well, obviously, I was scared. Who wouldn’t be? My parents had given up hope, and their taunts became a daily occurrence. The pressure of scoring well in the final semester and clearing the final paper, had caused tremendous stress. I was on the verge of breaking down when one day my best friend, Swapna saw me. When I told her my plight, she gave me an instant reality check. She said, “Get your act together; everyone fails. Will you keep crying or do something about the issue at your hand?” Frankly, those words hurt but gave me a reason to show her that I wasn’t a quitter. When I thought about it, I also saw an opportunity to prove my parents wrong.

What happened next was no less than what happens in the movies. I worked day and night – burning the midnight oil, revising all the classes. Finally, when the exams started, Swapna came to me and hugged me. When I asked what this was about, she told me to know that I had given my hundred per cent. No matter what the result, I had come a long way.
I have since forever been grateful to her for having shaken me up and being the comfort that I needed, during my difficult times. I know that parents are the biggest support, but friends stand by you when your parents also turn away. Sometimes, all we need is a push from our friends.