My Friends = My College-Time Guardian Angels

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It was the month of December, time for our first end-semester examination. Like all the other people in the hostel during exams, my roommates and I were crashing our brains, reading the presentations, pdfs, notes, and any study material we could. We were nervous. It was around 11 in the night when I started feeling a bit dull and tired. We thought it was because of the stress and tension, so my roommates told me to sleep for an hour, and then they’ll wake me up to study. My roommate woke me up after an hour, only to find out that I had a high fever. While I was panicking terribly, both my roommates decided to help me.

Everything they did next won my heart. While one of them gave me medicine, and put a wet cloth on my forehead, the other roommate read the presentations aloud and helped me study. Just like this, the night passed away. Two hours before the exam, my roommates got me dressed and left the hostel to meet our teacher regarding my health. With the help of our professor, they somehow managed to arrange a writer to write my exam, permission for me to lie down in the dispensary while dictating the paper, and extra time for me to complete my exam.Who could have thought this is possible? But my roommates made it happen. This is my college story!