College Stories Are All About Making Those Last Minute Plans

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  • College: Lady Shriram College
  • Location: Delhi

Rain brings back so many memories from college.

The weather in Dehradun is exceptionally unpredictable. It can be bright and sunny in the morning and then be stormy in another instant. This is precisely what filled my college life with adventure and lovely last-minute plans that my friends and I will forever remember. Clouds of different colours converging in the sky made the landscape look picturesque at most instances. The alluring blend of colors and then to the ultimate pitch-black sky explained it all. I don’t know, but the rain in college was way different from the rain back home.

The story which I’m going to share is very close to my heart from my college book!

One fine Saturday morning, I woke to the sound of heavy rain and raging thunderstorm, I went near my room’s window to look out, and I saw it was raining cats and dogs. After I saw the gloomy weather, the first thought that struck my mind was how it would feel in Mussoorie right now? I immediately dialed Siddhanth and Saket and asked them to meet me near the library. As they reached there, I started convincing them to go to Mussoorie. After hours of convincing, they finally agreed, but the only problem we had was how we would manage our weekly budget with these transportation charges. We asked a few of our other friends so that the transportation charges could be shared among us. Nobody but Pulkit was only ready to travel in such stormy weather. We rented two scooters, got all dressed in our warm clothes, and carried a thick jacket with us. It was so much fun riding the scooter in the rain. Rain is a bit sketchy without roadside pakoras, Maggi, and coffee. So, while on our way to Mussoorie, we took a stop at our favorite roadside stall ‘Lucky Di Maggi’ for some snacks as we were saving our appetite for the most famous cheesy fries of Anil’s café in Char Dukan. We were all drenched to the skin, and our clothes were dripping water. Resuming our journey, we headed straight to Lal Tibba because who wants to miss the mesmerizing view from Lal Tibba!? After we had our number 1 cheesy fries and ginger lemon tea at Anil’s café, we left for Lal Tibba. The view was so serene and mesmerizing, it was worth all the hassle.

Our sudden plan and journey were so fun and pleasant, from singing songs and cracking lame jokes to saving ourselves from the rain. The trip on a rainy day was so refreshing. I, personally, like the rainy season a lot. It makes me feel enthusiastic and energetic. It reinvigorates us all internally and often leaves us with a memory.