A Birthday Spent At Home Away From Home

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“It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday!
I’m gonna spend no money!”

This sound plays on repeat in my mind on my special day. Birthdays hold a special place in our hearts, right? As much as we like to get pampered on our very own day, it becomes all the more interesting when your college friends do something that you remember for the rest of your lives. Something similar happened to me in the year 2019.

It was a crisp winter evening in December, just a day before my 19th birthday, the first-ever birthday away from home- my parents, my siblings, and my dear school friends. I never thought that one day I would not be celebrating my birthday with my family. I felt so sad and homesick as I thought no one remembered my birthday. I dozed off in one of my friend’s room. Apurva, my roommate, woke me when the clock was about to strike midnight by saying, let’s get back to our room and sleep. As I entered the room, I was astonished to see the smiling faces around me. My friends withdrew me from the gloomy state. I was so stunned to see how beautifully all my friends decked my room with balloons, fairy lights, sparkle, and streamers. Everyone gathered there for me to feel special and to brighten up my day. They had also organized a little party where they prepared my favorite dishes. I had a lovely time with my new friends, who became my family that day.! And that wasn’t it!

The next morning, I saw a cute little birthday card on my desk, and with that card, there was a little note with a mention of my favorite cafe and time on it. Of Course, I had to go there! As I reached, I saw my high school best friend and my boyfriend. They traveled from Mumbai and Bangalore to Dehradun to surprise me. My college friends planned it all. I felt so content and couldn’t stop my rolling tears because my friends went out of their way to make me feel so loved and important.