The Inevitable Last Moment Hustle For Assignment Submission

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Ever had a sudden twitch realization that the actual deadline of the assignment you earlier thought was supposed to be submitted after ten days is tomorrow? Aren’t we all too familiar with this? Because even when the assignments were assigned to us months ago in college, we somehow for some reason or the other put them off for the last moment. And, when the situation becomes dire, we hustle

We’ve all been there!

This is a story of about two years ago when something very similar happened to me. Thanks, but no thanks to my friend for reminding me about the due assignment, just four hours before the submission. And guess what was the icing on the cake? I was a bright student of the class and hence, had no option but to live up to my teachers’ high expectations. But the same friend who had reminded me, also assisted me. We decided to divide the assignment into parts. My friends started helping me by getting the books from the library, one after the otherThey both even missed their classes for me. Dosti hoh toh aisi! I was running out of time and reaching the class with an incomplete assignment made me feel terrible. While sir was calling out our roll numbers, I was becoming jittery and suddenly succumbed.

All of a sudden, came a splash of water on my face. Opening my eyes, I heard a recognizable voice like my roommate. Coming to my full senses, I realized that it was just a nightmare, I was snoozing and I did have seven days to finish my IR internal assignment. My roommate, who saw me uneasy, decided to wake me up by throwing a cup of water on my face. Well, a part of college life is the assignment phobia, and my story does prove so!