How a Dance Performance Changed My Experience of College

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No label can stop you from living life on your terms. This is precisely what my college story suggests. Throughout school life, I was labelled as an arrogant and snooty girl. My school-mates certainly did not understand the difference between who’s an introvert and who’s arrogant. While these labels did hurt, I wasn’t at all interested in explaining myself to them or anyone.

Thankfully, the first day of college was a day away. I entered college with the motto of doing new things and improving, as an individual, in the process. Was it easy? Well, I was extremely pumped for the first day of orientation. It was followed by an event of talent hunt for us freshers- an informal, open to all gathering. Alright, now one thing about me, I know that I can dance, but I never participated because I didn’t want the attention. However, with the exclusive adrenaline that very day, I upped and performed without a care in the world.

What happened after that was something surprisingly unbelievable. I became famous as “the one who danced to taki-taki”. I also happened to catch the eye of fellow dancers. As a result, I was taken in as one of the lead members of the college’s dancing crew. My journey began and the crew became the support I needed, always encouraging me to perform and participate in all extra-curricular events. Why am I thankful to the dancing team? Had it not been for them, I wouldn’t have been crowned as Miss Freshers. Yes, that’s right. The first day I had met the dance crew, their encouragement bagged me tremendous limelight, something that I was devoid of, throughout my school life.

Guess what? There has been no stopping ever since. Now, I am someone who can perform, dance and enchant without any hesitation. Moral of the story: Don’t overthink, just go for it.