Fun, Friendship & Failure: Peek into A Roller-Coaster College Ride!

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How many of you have risen from failure in life? It is normal to feel unaccomplished, but the key here is to learn and strive along. I have a story for you, straight out of the pages of my college life, a story about how my friends acted like a rock, each time I hit rock bottom and never let me give up. It all started two days before my national basketball match. One small infection in my right arm came out to be an inborne disease that can reoccur in any limb at any point in time. The incident left me completely flabbergasted. There was not even a single second when I could take my mind off from that disturbing thought, I kept on dwelling about my arm, how it will be treated and will I ever be able to play again. All these thoughts kept me awake at night slowly, and steadily it led to depression. I couldn’t assimilate the idea of not being able to play Nationals. I felt like a complete loser, felt like nothing will work out. I felt incapacitated. That is when my friends showed up. As soon as they heard about my condition, all of them decided to stay back with me to help me cope. They tried all sorts of things to infuse positivity in my college life. From cooking me our midnight Maggi with juice to encouraging me to dress up for random picture sessions, they did it all. My friends made me realize how important it is to cherish all the little things in our life. No incident is worth giving up on yourself and your self-confidence and on the other hand, it is these little failures that help us to explore and teach resilience.

What message does my college story convey? The most important key to live a positive and successful life is to understand the origin of the failure and how to surmount it. Failure, no matter how much it hurts, is a part of our lives. As said by Zig Ziglar “Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street”. People usually correlate failure with defeat, but they don’t understand that failure is an exceptional stepping stone towards the pathway to success. Failing does not mean it is the end of the world but at the same time, it opens the door to discover other great opportunities.

From Co-Ed To An All Girls College: Say Hello To An Evolved Version Of Me!

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This is a story about my journey from being a co-ed student to later being a part of an all-girls’ college. This is a story of how the transition helped me evolve as an individual. Trust me, a lot of us have been there.

I can say that I have seen life with its colours and its darkness. Being from an Army background, I have seen this country and its people from a closeness that people dream of. I always thought that I had seen it all and savoured life to its last drop. But alas! I was wrong.

I had seen schools and an environment where being with boys and experiencing the competition of brotherhood was common. Life was open and free to experience all the differences, starting from gender to likes and dislikes. I had friends who were boys and was sure this is the freedom that can never be taken away from me. I never realised that I was in a bubble of my own and had yet to face a world I never imagined was made for me.

Being a tomboy, the “girly” with those frills and beauty was not quite me. I preferred to stay away from girls and their mastery for games that played with minds. So imagine the surprise and shock when I went into an all-girls college. But guess what? The unexpected happened and I started enjoying and celebrating my college life. You must be wondering why? Because there were no judgements, no sly comments. There was no one to say “don’t sit like that”, or whisper and ask ” do you have a pad?”

I’m in my final year of college and I can proudly say that I am now an evolved version of myself– more empathetic, stronger, more confident and responsible.

Moral of the story:

Never fear changes that college life brings along, embrace them and cherish every moment that comes along.